Creating organization form external API autofill


Is it possibile to create logic to forms on → add organization. I have created custom fields, one of them is “NIP” this is 10 char number assigned to every company in Poland. I want to fetch data from my custom endpoint, like address, company name after this field is fill and put it into other fields. Is it possible? Other option for me is to use webhooks, and to leave address, name fields empty, and after organization creation, fetch this data and make update request on organization but it is much worse solution for me. I want to instantly saw this data in my form during creating organization.Please, help me guys. Thanks in advance

Hi @Jan_Osiecki,

After checking with our developers, it seems that fetching data from your custom endpoint is not natively supported at Pipedrive.

It might be worth checking the Pipedrive Marketplace to see if there are any apps or integrations that may be able to do this for you.