Creating & Updating Organizations Question

Hi All,

I will be creating a bunch of new organizations in Pipedrive. One concern though is that in this process, an organization might have already been created and I would end up needing to update the org with some additional data rather than creating it.

Is the proper way to do this to be

  1. Before creating new Org, check if it already exists (and do we check by name or a combination of name, address etc.?)
  2. If org does not exist, then create it using the ‘Add An Organization’ endpoint
  3. If the org already exists, then call ‘Update An Organization’

The biggest concern I have with STEP 3 is: When I pass the parameters in ‘Update An Organization’, will those parameters overwrite the existing ones already in Pipedrive for that Org? Or do they merge the new fields into the current one?

So if every data field in the org stays the same, but my new API call to update it sends a new address. Will only the address field get overwritten? Or will every other data field in the org be written with blank?

I ask this because if it overwrites every field then that means I would have to do a check on each field myself before calling Update.