Critical Synchronisation error between Pipedrive and Google calender: Google calender entries deleted

Critical Synchronisation error between Pipedrive and Google calender: Google calender entries deleted.

Critical error because many Google entries have been permanently deleted by pipedrive (web solution and app)
Short-term bug fix – a stop and start of the synchronisation seems to help – but topic and cause not solved



Hey Martin,

I’m unable to replicate this on my side. The activity simply moves to the date/time when it was marked as ‘completed’.
We also haven’t had anyone else report this issue - can you please double check this on your end?

Hey Davis,

As mentioned the short-term Bugfix is a stop and restart of the synchronisation.
There is however no doubt that pipedrive did delete the Google calender entries - this I tested for both pipedrive web application and pipedrive app.
This a really critical issue that needs to be eliminated.


  • Review the actual logs and transaction of the synchronisation steps between Google and pipedrive: when are google entries deleted after clicking on “completed”.
  • I suppose you have setup a regular error report where the differences between Pipedrive and Google (calander/contacts) are shown and could check this. If not setup a report that runs in the background.
  • Create an option in pipedrive that a warning pops up before google calender entries are deleted


Hey Martin,

You say that stopping and restarting the sync fixes the “bug”. If this is the case, is it for a set amount of time? As in you restart it and complete activities and everything is fine, then a few days later they start deleting when you mark them as completed?

I would also suggest:

  • Double check that the activities are actually deleted and haven’t just moved to the time that you completed the task at (or if there’s a particular filter you’re using on your calendar). From the screenshots I don’t actually see any Activities being deleted.
  • Check your filtered list in PD of completed activities to also double-check accuracy of these activities as you mark these undone/done again.

If you’re still encountering an issue, could you reach out to support so they can look specifically at your account as this doesn’t seem to be happening with anyone else.

Hey David,
checked/tried your suggestions - cannot replicate bug again because it is currently fixed. It is not the first synchronisation topic that I had between Pipedrive and Google (i.e. contacts/calender entries incorrectly synchronised). Tried to solve topic with support - they suggested the stop / start synchonisation.

It seems the issue is a more fundamental problem of the interface itself and the quality of synchronisation - therefore my previous suggestions (that maybe you can internally address).


Today unfortunately same critical bug: again Google calendar entries are deleted without warning, when a pipedrive activity is closed. I noticed that the deleting only occurs when the activity is linked with a deal!

Short-term bug fix is again stop/start of synchronisation: this however cannot be the solution.
I am a pipedrive fan, but this is problem is getting very frustrating, time consuming and is a nightmare for sales employees.

Please ensure a reliable synchronisation between Google calender / pipedrive: check logs / creates reports. Alternatively think of reliable third party vendor to ensure a reliable user experience.

Many thanks

Attached details:

Today same problem again today!
I have stopped the synchronisation with Google until issue can be resolved - even if this means double maintenance.
Hope pipedrive can solve the problem with the Google interface fast - any help, support, ideas highly welcome.
Many thanks

Hey Martin,

I had a support engineer email you as this issue seems to only be related to your account and isn’t a developer bug.

Keep me posted if it isn’t resolved.