CRM Integration with Click to Call VOIP

I need to integrate CRM with click to call, with a client that also uses the pipedrive platform, I have a VOIP company, and I need that when the customer clicks on a number, he redirects to our VOIP application, can anyone help me in this question?

Hey Renan,

There’s a couple ways to handle this:

  1. If your VOIP can manage callto syntax, then you can change the calling syntax within Settings > Company Settings
  2. You can use a Chrome Extension to turn phone numbers (with call_to links) into phone numbers that dial out on your system.


I got to see something about, but when I go to Settings> Company Setup> General, I can’t find the option to change in “General” only the company name appears, and for me to edit it. I am already a user adm, but still does not appear this option, can you tell me why?


I could find it, it’s in a new tab ‘Calling’, can you tell me which option I should put? would it be the sip phone handler? If so, what is the next step? If not, what is the option to integrate with our VOIP system? Thank you in advance.

Hi Renan,

This really depends on your VOIP system and if it supports syntax or not. You will have to take a look into this system’s support system.

I will check, thanks, if you know anything else please let me know?

Hi Renan.

You can handle call requests with a softphone (desktop or WebRTC) that support these protocols: “tel”, “callto” or “sip”.

Other alternative is to develop in your IP PBX an URI that accepts call requests, like this (in Brazilian Portuguese):

Good Morning

Wow, this should help me, I’m just going to study this form now, and as soon as I can give you a return, thank you friend.

Friend, when I open the part “configuration of the company”, does not appear the part of the link, in mine appears only to modify the name of the same, can you tell me why?

And about the URL request, we have already done other integrations with companies, and we use exactly this method, but we always got contact with the developers, but with pipedrive I can’t contact anyone directly to develop the URL, our server only accepts the method of POST shipping, could you help me?

Pipedrive has implemented the “Calling” feature, there you can adjust it.

Yes, I would even comment on, our system provides an IP phone to our client, or a SoftPhone installed on their computer, and we wanted to integrate click to call for them, that when they click on a contact number inside pipedrive, redirect to link to our system understand? but I noticed that you have the company and staff option, however the ‘company’ asks for a plan update, and the staff has other various forms of calling to set up, can you guide me?

Pipedrive doesn’t support Click-to-call via POST. If you want to send to your server a call request from Pipedrive, you must develop a GET click-to-call method.

I understand, let’s discard the send request option, would you have another way of doing this click to call function? there by the new tab they created from calls?

The only way is using a softphone that supports “tel”, “callto” or “sip” protocols.

If you want, we offer a softphone with these protocols (we are a software developer for telecommunication business). If you want, you can use other solutions (free and paid).

Good afternoon

Got it, we usually work with Zoiper and MicroSIP, you know? What is your Softphone? how it works? Is there any other way to talk to you? Remembering that I’m Brazilian.

Olá Renan.
Acabei não entrando mais aqui no portal do Pipedrive e não vi sua resposta do ano passado.
Se lhe interessar, pode testar nossa solução por 60 dias em
Ele dá suporte aos protocolos “tel”, “callto” e “sip”.


Hello Renan.
I just didn’t enter in the Pipedrive anymore and didn’t see your answer last year.
If you are interested, you can test our solution for 60 days at
It supports the “tel”, “callto” and “sip” protocols.