CTI and CRM communication in pipedrive?

I have a query that can you guide me how CTI and CRM will communicate to each other in Pipedrive phone solution.I have developed app like AirCall and Toky etc in phone solution category but need some guidence to communication between Computer telephony integration and CRM in PIPEDRIVE phone solution.
Any idea ??


Unfortunately, the question is a bit too general to be able to provide an exact answer and don’t have any documentation specifically on CTI-to-CRM integrations.
As far as communicating to each other, this would all be done via the API, as we have endpoints for all the phone actions.
As what AirCall and Toky have done, you would likely need to create a Chrome Extension to be able to work with the PD UI.

Hi DavidLorbiecke ,

Is their any API documentation releated CTI?

No, there isn’t.
But again, if you have a specific question that you’re not able to find in our API Reference or Documentation, you can write it here.

Hi DavidLorbiecke,
I am testing API Perform a search using a specific field value, I want to find deal for a specific phone number, in which field header i have to pass phone number, What are the rest of fields should be for this API call?

For this, you’ll want to use the following endpoint: https://developers.pipedrive.com/docs/api/v1/#!/SearchResults/get_searchResults_field

term = the phone number
field_type = dealField (if this is where you’re adding the phone number in PD, usually it’s under Person)
field_key = You can find your field Key via the GET method for dealFields
return_item_ids = Have this marked as ‘1’ to make sure you get back the Deal ID

Your request URL will look something like this:

And you’ll find the Deal ID under “data”: [

Hi DavidLorbiecke,

In this API (https://api.pipedrive.com/v1/searchResults/field?term=9876543210&field_type=dealField&field_key=12454&return_item_ids=1&start=0&api_token=API_TOKEN) , I have tried field_key 12454(id of value field), value , phone, mobile but it is giving me no deals. When I am calling API for all deals, I am getting my deal with phonenumber under phone->value field. Can you confirm me field_key we have to use for phone number in deal object?

You need to use the Field_key and not the ID of the field. The Key should be 40 characters long.

DavidLorbiecke ,
Sir I used get method ( https://developers.pipedrive.com/docs/api/v1/#!/DealFields/get_dealFields) to find field key but i am not able to get 40 character long key , pls tell me from where i can get that key.


You need to look through all of the Fields (default fields won’t have this key, but you can find the Key from Settings > Customize Fields)

Hi DavidLorbiecke,

We are using default phone field, what we have to pass in Field_Key for default phone field?