Custom App Not Appearing in Three-Dot Action Menu

Hello, Pipedrive community,

I am facing an issue with my custom app not showing up in the three-dot action menu, despite having thoroughly searched through the documentation and developer’s community forum for solutions. Unfortunately, I have not found anything helpful so far.

To give you some context, I have created a Private app and attempted several variations of it. However, none of these versions have successfully appeared in the action menu.

I’m reaching out to seek your valuable insights and assistance in resolving this matter. Has anyone encountered a similar problem before? If so, how did you go about resolving it? Any advice, tips, or potential solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Hi @Darkhan_Iglikov,

Welcome to our Developers’ Community. :wave:

To have your app show up in the three-dot action menu, you will have to create an app extension, such as a link action, JSON modal or a custom modal. Apps do not appear in the three-dot actions menu by default.

Have you built any of these app extensions?

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