Custom Field Creation: Custom fields have reached full capacity

Hi Team,

I’m trying to create 36 new Person Custom Field from our API to add lead score segments, tags retrieved from SalesWings and push them to Pipedrive.

It works fine in a dev org where no other Person Custom Field were created, but when I tested in our Prod environment where we did create custom fields for another purpose, I hit the below error:
“Custom fields have reached full capacity. Please remove an existing custom field or try adding a different type of custom field.”


  • What is the maximum number of Person Custom Fields that we can create?
  • When it says “Try adding a different type of custom field” does it mean to change the type of the field i.e. from varchar -> Text, etc? Is it limited per field type? Or Should I move some of the fields to Company Custom Field for instance (Which doesn’t really make sense)

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Hi @odroz,

So, for your questions, there isn’t a maximum ‘number’ set for the amount of custom Fields you can create as different types of custom fields take up more memory than others so it’s dependent on the type of Fields you’re using.
“Try adding a different type of custom field” would mean just that, a different type varchar > text. Text fields are the most basic, while Fields like Address or Multiple Fields are larger.

Thanks David,
That makes sense.

Is that right to say that when creating a custom field, Pipedrive will “save” the space for that field across all contacts, plus a little margin? Si If I have a field of 1KB and 1024 Contacts, I’ll have at least 1MB of data saved for that field (random numbers, just an example!)?

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That is true Olivier, but this doesn’t affect the way we measure memory of fields as the max would be hit at the same time with 1 contact as it would with 1000.

Thanks David