Custom field flags

I was trying to hide a custom field, and while playing around with the API noticed that there are two flags:

  • “mandatory_flag”: false
  • “edit_flag”: true

which I guess can make the field mandatory to be filled and noneditable, however i cannot change the values.
what is the purpose for these flags? and is it possible to somehow change their values for custom fields?

Hi Andrius and welcome to the community!

These fields can not be changed as they have key reasoning behind Pipedrive logic

“mandatory_flag” are fields that an item is required to have or is unable to be created. For instance, a Deal would be required to have an ID field and a Title field.
As of yet, we haven’t implemented creating custom fields that are mandatory.

“edit_flag”: true/false just states whether or not it is a custom field. If it’s true than it’s a Custom field, if it’s false it is a default Field