Custom fields and picklists

Hi world
How can I quickly obtain all codes from our custom fields and the codes from the items for each picklist instead have to go to the body section and copy all the script and then paste to a notepad or similar to search and edit all the codes? someone has a faster methodology? we need it for Organization, Deals and Persons for sure. We are here for deals Pipedrive API v1 Reference

We are connecting to Tableau and the codes from our custom fields (50+) and for all picklist items (400+) is really hard to obtain, take a lot of time go one by one searching the codes, finding them and editing the script, API by API, code by code…maybe we have not some tools or doing something wrong, we assume we are in the correct place using the admin user API.

Any help, thanks a lot.
Take care

Thanks for the feedback. While we look into this, we believe that the following wiki might be useful