Custom fields in Pipedrive API returns IDs instead name

I have custom field in Pipedrive with name ‘test1212’, but when I am receiving by API this record it is returns to me md5 id. I need to receive name of this field.

Welcome to the community, @Ihor_Khrypchenko! :wave:

You can query the GET /dealFields endpoint to get all the fields (incl. custom fields) related to deals and find the name of your field according to the key from your screenshot.

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Thank you for the link. That worked for me! :+1:

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Thank you @Helena_Sul ! But what about endpoint for all entities? I mean can I do request to receive all [entity]Fields by one request?

Like it is working on your web (graphql endpoint).

Hi @Ihor_Khrypchenko

We do not have an endpoint for all entities. For main entities, we offer the ActivityFields, DealFields, NoteFields, OrganizationFields, PersonFields and ProductFields APIs.