Custom fields with key greater than 40 characters conflicting with docs

At the doc about custom fields states:

“All custom fields are referenced as randomly generated 40-character hashes in the dataset, for example, dcf558aac1ae4e8c4f849ba5e668430d8df9be12”

We have discovered a custom field is appearing with a suffix in our call to Log in

{"id":null,"key":"114677629cb001216859ae5ad448eb3d6d8eb4cc_until","name":"Date de fin de Dates","field_type":"date","edit_flag":true,

So it appears that the “id_suffix” value of ‘until’ (along with an underscore) is being appended to the 40 character key-hash. Where is this behavior documented?

If we want to discover all custom fields, do we need to also consider fields that have a key greater than 40 characters?


Hello @calford-vertify!

You’re right, the page seems to be outdated for now. The suffix means that the field is a sub field, so yes, on this case the ID has more than 40 characters.

OK, thanks for the reply. For now to identify custom fields we have changed to look at the edit_flag and this seems to be working well for us.