Custom floating window phone number entry


We are following the guide here to create a softphone integration: Custom floating window (BETA)

We have the iFrame set up and initialized via the SDK and have setup the listener for the visibility events. We are able to call commands. So, everything looks like it is working properly.

However, we are unable to click-to-dial a phone number as the option isn’t available to call out using our Custom Floating Window in our Developer Sandbox Account. When selecting the calling method, only the Computer and Phone options are available.

Is there something we are missing? We’ve enabled the Phone Number and Calls Tab entry point on our custom floating window extension:


Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @dsieg,

Welcome to our Developers’ Community! :wave:

We are so excited that you’re building a custom floating window.

About the click-to-dial phone number, this would depend on your default call settings. Installed apps should be visible in the options list’s Computer Calling method tab (e.g. “Cake” in the Installed apps section in the image below). The options list is the dropdown menu that starts with Default "callto" handler.

Could you let me know if you’ve been able to install the app on your sandbox account yet? If so, it should appear in the options list. If it doesn’t, please let us know so we can check on this aspect. :pray:


Thanks, for the reply! It looks to be installed, but it doesn’t show in the calling methods like your example.


I can see it under the Marketplace Apps under Integrations.

For testing, I assigned all OAuth permissions just to make sure I wasn’t missing any and re-installed it, but still no luck.



Hi @dsieg,

Thank you for sharing what’s happening on your side!

My apologies. After some checking, it seems it was a mistake on our side. We are working towards fixing the issue of apps not appearing under the calling options list. :pray:

Can you DM me your company’s name and ID in Pipedrive, please? This way, I can enable it for you while we work towards the fix.

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