Custom Floating Window + Twilio Flex

Hi there Pipe Devs!

I’m trying to integrate Twilio Flex into a floating window UI extension. I’ve followed the following guides:

Basically what the extension does is loading the external website into the floating window as an Iframe. Unfortunately the window keeps loading until it says an error occurred.

I’ve done some digging and found out there might be a limit of 10 seconds for the iframe to fully load, however, I have no debugging information to confirm this scenario. Actually, I’m reaching out to your support looking for troubleshooting guidance as I don’t have access to any logs/info that could help me investigate the issue.

Here are some screenshots about the issue:


You can see that at a first glance the Iframe is loading as expected, hitting Twilio endpoints, however, at some stage I get this status code 520 from Pipedrive.

Any guidance would be appreciated!

Thank you!

Hi @Bruno_Pegorari,

Welcome to our Developers’ Community! :wave:

Would you be able to re-upload your images, please? They seem to be broken.

I will forward your query to the relevant team after they’re fixed. :blush:

Sure! Let me know if the attachments work now.

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Thanks, @Bruno_Pegorari! I see the pictures now.

Regarding your digging about the limit, you are right. There is a [limit of 10 seconds for the iframe] (Custom UI extensions) to initialize via our SDK.

That said, I’ll forward your query to the relevant team and come back to you when I can!

Hi @Bruno_Pegorari,

The team got back to me and informed me that the timeout for a custom floating window is 30 seconds, and the 520 error shouldn’t be breaking the floating window.

It appears that sockets might not be working properly here.

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