Custom panel disappears

Hello, team!

We have app with custom panel in a deal. And we faced that custom panel may disappears.
It also disappears under “manage slidebar section” menu and in that time link type extensions of the same app stay at their places in a deal.
If we reinstall app custom panel will show normally again.

This happens rarely, but it does happen.
Is this by design or it is some kind of floating bug?

Hi @Nikolay_Dromov,

This should not be expected.
Is it happening for different users and companies or always the same one?

Hi, @bashmach

We saw that behaivior at two different companies and when it happens it disappears for all users at that company

Ok, there is something wrong for sure.
We’ll look into the issue and get back to you when learn anything.

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@Nikolay_Dromov there has been an issue within our internal data migration process that might be a reason why some panels were out of sync and weren’t shown up. It has been fixed and re-synced recently, but please let us know if the problem occurs again for your app.

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