Custom panel not showing for all users

Hi! I have a problem. After the admin installed my app, the custom panel only shows up for them. How can I fix this? The panel should be visible for all users. Thank you.

Hi @Viacheslav_Angel,

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Would you happen to know if all of your users in the company installed your app? For custom panels, all users who want to utilize this app extension must have your app installed. For further information, please refer to our documentation.

I hope this answers your question. Please let me know if you have further questions or encounter any difficulties!


The issue at hand is that our application displays additional information in the panel for the manager. It is necessary for all managers to see the same information, while at the same time, managers should not have individual accounts in our service, let alone separate connections.

Additionally, I should note that managers should not have to install anything in the CRM themselves; this should be done by the admin for all managers.

Hi @Viacheslav_Angel,
Thank you for sharing your use case with us.
Only the entry point is shared for custom panels; users must install the app to access the custom panel.
This is the same for all custom UI extensions.
Unfortunately, we are unable to help in fixing this issue right now. :slightly_frowning_face:

We know this may be frustrating for you, but we have an alternative solution that may be helpful.
Have you considered using JSON panels with shared visibility?
This can help with the sharing aspect. Would this be a possibility for you?
You will be able to select specific users whom you can share the JSON panel with soon – we’re working on it!

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