Custom Panel on DEAL view pulling data from Zapier Table

Hi all, I’m looking for a quick “display job”. I want to create a panel that appears in Deal view that will display data from a Zapier native table that matches the DEAL ID. In this panel I want to display all of the rows that match the ID (or possibly a few, and a click to see more in a pop up) and some summary details, like SUM & COUNT of rows.

I don’t have a huge budget and I can get all the data I need from the table so it’s more of a quick win, if someone is able to acommodate this.


Hello Gwilym
I represent, we are a team of devs specialized in pipedrive integration. You can check some of our previous jobs on our website. We can support you with your request. If interested please do not hesitate to contact me here or at paolo.schiattarella @


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