Custom UI Question

Hi @Hem it is great tutorial but i have question . How can i use Custom UI extensions for showing Twilio in pipedrive ?

For iframe url when i use glitch app url i got error

Thanks a lot for helping

Hi @Narek_Antabyan
Thank you :slight_smile: Can you share the error that you are getting? I can take a look at that.

Hi @Hem i got this error
after some time when i use twillo with custom ui.
I think the problem can be with access token and refresh token not work correctly .

Refused to frame ‘’ because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: “frame-src ‘self’ https://.glitch.development http://.glitch.localprojecthost:3031 https://.glitch.devdev https://* blob: data:”.

Hi @Narek_Antabyan
Thanks for sharing the details. Would it be possible for you to share the screenshot/video grab of the error? This seems to be an error noticed in the Developer tools console. However, I am curious to know the scenario in which it occurs