Customising Maps

im in real estate using piedrive… one big part of my day is looking at addresses on maps represented on pins … my question is do you know of any examples of turbo charging your google maps feature (utilizing a programmer) … for example (in the future) i would pay to customise to add features closer to a real estate CRM …

i.e. i would like to look at google maps and look at an address represented as a pin on the map (as current)… but to turbocharge it would pop up with data from customised fields & i could segment the pins by my 3 types of customised address fields (home address, postal address & doorknock address (for owners of rentals) … also by i would be able to scroll through the maps and once clicking on the pin it would click through to the corresponding existing deals/organisations/person.

let me know if that makes sense or if you have any ideas or feedback… i wouldn’t forsee this as a general feature but is it something i can use the API & pay a programer to produce a result similar to what i mentioned? … if its possible, out of /10 how hard/complicated/expensive/invlolved do you think it would be to do?

Hi Luke:
You had posted query related to Google Maps long time. We have lot of experience of working with Google maps. we are amongst the top three largest partner of Google maps for asia-pac.
we can setup sometime to discuss this if this requirement is still open.