Customising Maps

im in real estate using piedrive… one big part of my day is looking at addresses on maps represented on pins … my question is do you know of any examples of turbo charging your google maps feature (utilizing a programmer) … for example (in the future) i would pay to customise to add features closer to a real estate CRM …

i.e. i would like to look at google maps and look at an address represented as a pin on the map (as current)… but to turbocharge it would pop up with data from customised fields & i could segment the pins by my 3 types of customised address fields (home address, postal address & doorknock address (for owners of rentals) … also by i would be able to scroll through the maps and once clicking on the pin it would click through to the corresponding existing deals/organisations/person.

let me know if that makes sense or if you have any ideas or feedback… i wouldn’t forsee this as a general feature but is it something i can use the API & pay a programer to produce a result similar to what i mentioned? … if its possible, out of /10 how hard/complicated/expensive/invlolved do you think it would be to do?