Customising pipedrive to automatically "copy deals"

We are into selling software into monthly subscription model. Once we sign up a customer ( win a deal), we would like to “automatically” create 12 new deals for next 12 months with each one of them having a predefined “deal closure date”. This is also done for two reasons:

  1. a customer can leave at any time and
  2. To get good estimate of projected revenue from subscription model.

I am looking for a developer who can help us customise Pipedrive. There are other reporting requirements as well.

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Hello Rajeev,

really looking forward to assist you on this, i will send you a PM, please check your inbox.

thank you.


sure. will look for your email.

Luis, can u please call me or send me your contact details
I can be reached at 9810006581

Hey Rajeev,

I sent you a message about this as well. If you are still looking for some help let me know, happy to give you a call!


I’m looking at developing something very similar. Would you mind letting me know who ends up writing this for you and cost?

The only difference is that I want to schedule 12 activities, once a week on Wednesday at 11AM for 12 weeks. I also might want to add the option to start the 12 activies from a different date, as well as have a drop down to choose a Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday.

Anyone interested in developing this please PM me.



sure. would let u know as I get something going.

i have not heard back from you, Luis.

@Rajeev_Saraf and @mestevelove

Is this something you all would be open to purchasing from the marketplace? I’m considering building something like this. Mind contacting me at


Hey James,

I will send you an email, I’m interested in discussing a build and marketplace launch like this with you.