Data for Pipedrive sandbox

Hello everyone!

We are currently working on a new application for the Pipedrive Marketplace. We would need some more data for testing purposes. Is there a database available with some test data / sample data, which we can import to our Pipedrive sandbox instance?

We have already imported spreadsheets provided by Pipedrive (Importing: sample import spreadsheets - Knowledge Base | Pipedrive) for testing purposes. However, we are interested in exploring more diverse and extensive test data for our development work. Are there other resources or methods to access additional test datasets for Pipedrive?

Many thanks in advance!

Hello @pipedrive_data , welcome to the community!

I could not find anything of the kind ready to use, but after some search in Google I see there are a couple of spreadsheet generators that could be useful for this, with a few changes in the resulting spreadsheets. If this is not enough, I guess the way to go would be to build an original script to generate the data, it would still take less time than filling big spreadsheets by hand.

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