Deal flow for all deals


I’m trying to get history of all deal updates with Python. The /deals/{id}/flow gets flow of one single deal. Is there a way to get flow of all deals at once?

Using a loop in and connecting for each single id takes too long. I’d really appreciate any helpful answers.

Regards, Branka

Hi @Branka,have you already thought about using Webhooks to send you the updates in real time? Might be easier than trying to get all Deals from Flow.


I’m not sure how Webhooks work, I’ll look into it. I need a procedure that gets all the data in one instance. The procedure will be used to import data to our BI model that refreshes on its own schedule.

No pretty way to do this?

Webhooks would only be a solution for present-future day flows. As for already existing deals, I can’t think of a good way to grab all of them on a single call.

Hopefully we can add bulk endpoints in the future to solve this issue.