Deal Stage Changes through Deal Updates

Hi, I have been looking at pulling deal stage change information through the deal updates endpoint. However, the parameter items doesn’t seem to filter to dealChange objects. I still get all data and not the filtered data. I have also tried passing items through a header, but that seems to have no effect either. Any suggestions on getting this parameter to work and filter just the dealChange objects? Thanks!

If helpful, this is the JS that I’m using to try to pass the header information:

var options = {
      "method" : "GET",
      "headers" : {

  var api = UrlFetchApp.fetch("https://{company}{id}/flow?api_token={redacted}", options);

Hey @wsiepiela
Welcome to the community :raised_hands: ! Thanks for sharing the snippet. items should be part of query parameters. I see that in the headers right now :thinking:

Hi @Hem,

That’s what I had at first (the param in the query parameters), but since that didn’t work, support (in contact with the engineers) told me it should be in the header. Which isn’t what the documentation suggests.

But I actually just figured out what is going wrong an hour ago. It turns out dealChange doesn’t actually associate with the dealChange objects in the data, and so even in the query parameters, it returns null data. I was playing around with all the params for items and it turns out change is what filters for dealChange objects. The documentation is just unclear as to what associates with what.

Anyway, I just wanted to post this here to help anyone else working with the items parameter. 1) It is a query parameter and not a header as support suggests and 2) the objects in the data don’t always associate with what you might suspect.

Hey @wsiepiela
Thanks for the complete context and for sharing the learnings. Let me check the concerned teams to get the docs and API work as expected :raised_hands: