DealField, PersonField, OrganizationField, etc. null values?

So I have an integration that’s been running for a few years without fail. Starting just last week the routine failed when parsing API responses for some of these *Field endpoints. Specifically the order_nr field value, some of the flag field values, the add_time field value, etc. are now being passed back as null in the JSON response body. If two weeks ago, order_nr could list 0 as the value, well now order_nr just lists a null value. Example below.

“id”: null,
“key”: “address_formatted_address”,
“name”: “Full/combined address”,
“order_nr”: null,
“field_type”: “varchar”,
“json_column_flag”: false,
“add_time”: null,
“update_time”: null,
“last_updated_by_user_id”: null,
“edit_flag”: false,
“details_visible_flag”: null,
“add_visible_flag”: null,
“important_flag”: null,
“bulk_edit_allowed”: null,
“filtering_allowed”: null,
“sortable_flag”: null,
“mandatory_flag”: true,
“parent_id”: 4021,
“id_suffix”: “formatted_address”,
“active_flag”: true,
“is_subfield”: true

Anyone else seeing this? I didn’t see anything mentioned in the changelogs along these lines.

Yes seeing this on Organisation Field API calls. Unfortunately its throwing errors as a result in the C# Pipedrive client.

Indeed. I saw where you were first to open the issue on that project’s GitHub page. :grinning: My pull request should fix this newly-introduced issue I believe → Response elements that are now being sent back as null need to be defined as nullable. by gregarican · Pull Request #143 · DavidRouyer/pipedrive-dotnet · GitHub.

How that Integer elements can now be null in the Pipedrive API response set…I get that. The fact that the behavior changed without any notification is puzzling. But how that Boolean elements can be null in the Pipedrive API response set…I don’t get that at all. They should either be True or False. Not null!

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Ha hi!
Yes it’s be good to have confirmation this an intentional and permanent change before handing things in libraries. Since there’s no mention in the Changelogs from what I’ve seen

I did open a support ticket with Pipedrive’s team. After going through a couple of rounds explaining the specifics, their devs are looking at it now. Although modifying those response elements so they allow nulls in the C# library shouldn’t have too many knock-on effects that I can foresee really.