Deals and Activities /collection

Hi :grinning:, I’m currently exploring the new collection endpoints for deals and activities, and I’ve noticed that these endpoints provide less information compared to the existing ones under activities/ and /deals. I’m wondering if there are plans to include more information in these endpoints after the Beta phase? Thank you for any insights you can provide!


Hello, @Renato_Becker_Veirich and welcome to the community! :wave:

We are glad to hear that you have been exploring the new collection endpoints! There’s currently no concrete plans to make them return more information as the goal behind these endpoints’ design is to make them as lightweight and performant as possible, thanks to cursor pagination and carefully selected response structure.

However, we’re very interested in hearing what fields exactly do you feel are missing? What’s your specific use-case(s) for using these endpoints? Any other feedback you’d like to share with us?