Deals/get_deals_id_flow endpoint history

Im using Deals Flow endpoint API to get all stage changes of each deal.
But I have question about the history given in the json response, it don’t seems complete…
To check the results I use on the filter with a ‘has been at a specific stage’ condition but for a large majority of deals the filter is saying that the deal has been at this stage but I’m not able to see a trace of the stage in the changes history.
Did I miss something ?

Hi Yanni,

Are you also accounting for the stage statuses when a deal skips over stages?

No I just want to see all stages history of a deal. It seems like I only get recents changes of a deal.
Just to be sure, if a deal skip a stage, this stage should obviously be missing in the changes history so the filter condition ‘has been’ should also not return skipped stages ?

Sorry if it’s not clear, it’s a tough question.

“Has Been” will return skipped stages as each stage in a pipeline is counted as a deal moves to the right because the system calculates that has having been in and passed through that stage.

Oh crap, thanks for your answer, that make sense.
Just realized that people in my company are not using this filter “has been” condition well to get the data, they really expect.

So the Deals/get_deals_id_flow, return the most realistic view (by removing the skipped ones)

It’s more clear now, thanks again

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