Deals querying API

I need to query the DB using an API to find the rigth deal and it’s ID based on say a few fields like say emailid and say name and say date when the deal was created


I’ve not been using the Pipedrive API for a long time, and only with the node.js client so far. But I have an idea of how to do what you’re asking. Here’s my JS code for performing a search based on a term:

const options = {
  field_key: 'email',
  term: '' 
  field_type: 'personField',
  exact_match: true,
  return_item_ids: true

pipedrive.SearchResults.field(options, (error, result) => {
  if (error) {
    // ouch
  console.log('gotcha!', result)

Documentation on the node.js client here

And the REST API here!/SearchResults

Hope you get it working!

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