Default Deal View- Can you customize the view?

We have several users that jointly share deals and want the shared deals to appear in their pipeline view when they login. I worked with support to create a field called Shared Owner and can add the secondary owner to that field. They can then run a filter and see all deals that they are the Shared Owner of. Unfortunately they don’t like that solution since it requires them to run the filter rather than it simply being part of their main view.

What defines the main view? Can the custom field Shared Owner be used in determining what is displayed in the users pipeline?


The default view is simply the last view (filter) that was used.

Thanks for the feedback think I’m not saying what I need clearly. Our users open Pipedrive and know to go to Deals where they are the Owner. What I’m trying to do is have Deals where they are both Owner and Shared Owner show when they simply choose their name from the Owners list. I showed them how to use the filter I created that pulls in their deals where they are the Shared Owner but I think using the Filter vs Owner is just a step to far in their minds. I understand that Owner vs Filter is the same thing in that both are Filters.

Can the code that generates what is shown when you choose Owner and then your name be modified to also pull in Shared Owner?

Thanks for the clarification.

In this case, no, I’m afraid it’s not possible to add additional parameters into the Owner filter (it’s why we offer other filters). Your users will just need to get used to selecting this filter that is made with these conditions.

Retraining it is.Thanks for the insights.