Defer Loading of Leadbooster

Hi, anyone have a solution to defer loading of Pipedrive Leadbooster?

Hey @Michael_K,

Could you explain a bit more what you’re trying to accomplish?

Thanks David - right now the leadbooster scripts runs immediately on website page load and it also shows up immediately for users. We want to defer this script running for 30 seconds, to give users a faster page load and a less abrupt popup experience.

There’s 1 solution that’s not really a solution as he delay would exist on every page a visitor would go to (and ruin chat conversations if they move around).

That said, there is browser API, so you could disable the proactive message, control the chatbot to open on click, or after some time. It’s not possible to hide the chatbot button with it completely.

Of course, you could also just mess around with the Proactive message timing as well