Deleate or archive a lead via API call


i would like to get leads by email-address. this can be achived by querying:

i get a list of items in return. those items have an ID: eg.

if i try to do the following:
DELETE /v1/deals/a8992340-XXXXX-11ea-YYYY-55b4982cc46e
DELETE /v1/leads/a8992340-XXXXX-11ea-YYYY-55b4982cc46e

I get a 404 response in return:
Got Http response code 404 when accessing

How can i delete/archive a lead?? Can not find somthing related in the documentation.

Unfortunately we don’t have any documentation for Leads API as of yet, but we’ll hopefully start to add this some time next month. Current events kind of slowed things down in this regard.

Hi @svl,
Leads API is now available. You can also find more information about the endpoints in our Changelog announcement.

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hey, thanks for the heads up. we are already working with it :slight_smile:

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