DELETE endpoint for oauth token

Can someone please help me find the right endpoint to clear a user’s oauth token? Specifically, how can I remove my app from the user’s installed apps so that if they re-enable it doesn’t show the “App already installed” message? I don’t see something on the oauth endpoint description, such as here: I tried hitting DELETE, but that doesn’t seem to exist. Thanks for the help.

I don’t think there’s a way to delete a token (other than manually).
But just for curiosity, can I ask why you need that? :slight_smile:

When a user wants to delete the integration from within my app, which currently just clears their token on my side, it feels like a bad user experience for them to still see the app linked in the Pipedrive UI, or to see “App already installed” if they go to re-enable. It makes it seems as though my app has a bug with actually unlinking the integration. For my Google OAuth2 integration, for instance, their is an endpoint to delete their refresh token, which clears the link on their side. It would be great if Pipedrive could add the same feature.

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That’s a great and completely reasonable point @smchugh.

Luckily, this endpoint is planned for development. I don’t have an exact date for this, but I believe it’s in our Q3 goals.

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That’s awesome! Thank you. Look forward to adding a call to it when it’s ready. Thanks for the responses.

Hello dear community, hello @David

We are using Meteor.js to build our app, having the same route as a dynamic page and an API server appears to be problematic.

Are you going to force all of your users to adapt their app’s code? Will it be a critical point during the app review for publishing on Marketplace?

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Hey Alexis
We don’t force any code standards or conventions when creating apps so how you build it is up to you. Do you have a specific problem they are seeing/experiencing?
callback_url should always be API endpoint - accepting POST (handle app install) and DELETE (handle app uninstall)