Deleted persons

Hello :slight_smile:

I try to get alle deleted persons from the pipedrive API but found no solution.
With filters:

Or “status=deleted”

I get no results.
May some have an good idea?


Hi. :wave:

There’s no direct way to retrieve deleted persons. Unlike deals, which are kept with a status set on deleted, persons are actually deleted.

I’m afraid the only way to retrieve deleted persons is by contacting the support.

If you need to keep contacts idle or hidden in the future, I’d suggest creating a custom field called for example “idle” and using that instead of deleting the contact. :frowning:

Hi Dani,

but it should be possible with the active_flag. When I try to export only a single person it’s possible.

So I can’t understand why it should not be possible to get the all deleted ones. The problem is that we can’t update this field when the data is missing


Hi, Dani.

Has nothing changed since 2018?
Still no way to get deleted persons using the API?
Can I get deleted entities using the API: persons, organizations, activities, notes, products, etc.?

Hi Andrey, still no change in retrieving deleted entities. You can only retrieve deleted Deals via API (or in the UI). Otherwise, contacting support is required.

@David Hi, David.

Tell me, please. Is it impossible to get a deleted entities for some ideological reasons or are there technical difficulties?

Hi Andrey,

It’s not technical difficulties, but design of use. Deleted items (besides Deals) aren’t meant to be found/restored which why they can’t be captured via API.
They also can’t be found in the UI unless you have the exact ID or something that historically links to them.