Deleting a person does not work


I’m using DELETE to delete a person, but when I do a GET for the same URL, I still get the person with a 200 Ok response. Shouldn’t the entity be gone now? When I do the DELETE again, I get 410 Gone.
Also, the person is still linked in the deal.

What is the best way to remove personal data from users out of Pipedrive? For GDPR reasons, we need to clear user data completely out of Pipedrive if they request it, not just mark it as deleted.


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According to our setup, you can only completely delete an item like this by reaching out to our Support Engineers.
It’s done this way to prevent accidental deletion and allow you to ‘restore’ deleted items.

Hi David,

thanks for the response. That sounds like a very cumbersome way when I need to automatically remove user data when they, for example, cancelled our service. GDPR compliance dictates that we erase their data in our systems as well as any systems that we’re sending the data to. So I wonder how we can achieve GDRP compliance while using Pipedrive, without manually contacting your support for hundreds of users per week.


Yeah, I can definitely see your concern in this case (it’s usually more fringe cases). If you haven’t yet, I would recommend reaching out to our support directly. With a direct link to our Support Engineers, we might be able to establish something more sustainable for you that wouldn’t require a constant back-and-forth.

Thanks, David. I did not contact the support yet because I assumed this behavior is a bug in the API or something I did not understand (I still find the behavior unexpected and confusing). But I will reach out to the support and see what they suggest.

Hi, is there any update on this?
When I talked to the support, they did not manage to provide a solution but recommended to check back later as this needs to be implemented.

Any news on how we can be GDPR-compliant with Pipedrive?

Hey Sebastian

We do have a team that is working on this at the moment, but currently we’re going through the research phase of how to implement this which means, for the moment, I don’t have an ETA for when we’ll be able to offer this option.

what I just found out is the following:
You have a person (say ID is 7). If you fetch the details of that person you’ll find "active_flag": true in the response. Now when you delete the person with the ID 7 you’ll find "active_flag": false in the JSON response. Maybe that will help distinguish between active and inactive persons.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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