Desktop Application

Is in it time for Pipedrive to develop its own Desktop version of the plattform? It would be so much easier for us users to work with everything we use the service for…

No plans to move away from being a web platform.

This may change in the future (nothing is concrete), but as of now it isn’t likely to happen.

Would´t it be much easier since as a user I am in the platform all the time, and sometimes not even connected to the internet, just sync offline possibilities would be awesome.

From purely as a User standpoint, it could possibly be easier, but it would be a very large undertaking on our part to build an entire offline platform and it doesn’t work with our growth model at all. It would require us to almost completely change our business model. :man_shrugging:

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Makes perfectly sense… Keep up the good work for this perfect platform.

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Hi guys!
We have a websites about IT and you may check it for more information!
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