Determine if a won deal is a duplicate in the API

We have an API to do some housekeeping every time a deal is won. It works by getting all deal updates through a webhook, and if it’s won, we work on it.

If someone then duplicatates a deal that is already won, our API gets a copy and thinks it’s a freshly won deal. And does all the housekeeping needed. This is unfortunate, since it’s just a fresh copy an already won deal, which we already processed.

Is there any way to determine whether it’s a duplicate, apart from looking at “(copy)” as the last 6 characters in the title?

Hey @Troels_Gorm_Rasmussen, I’m afraid there is no other way other than checking manually, so what yo are doing is probably the best way. There is no special field or flag showing if a deal is copy of another at the moment.

OK, thanks for the quick answer. I implemented the “(copy)” solution and reopens the deal if that is the case. It works very well and everyone is happy with it.
My only concern is the “(copy)” part being changed at some point, like localization or some prettier syntax.