Develop/staging account

Would it be possible to allow other accounts to access a NOT reviewed (therefore not public) app ?
We have a lot of different customers that have completely different sets of data and we have to make sure our application works for all these cases.
We already have one sandbox account that can access our staging/dev applications, but we would like to have more of them (than can also connect to the same application).
Would it be possible?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @rasoul-shahriari,

No, it’s not possible to allow other accounts to access an app until it has been reviewed and approved. That said, being reviewed and approved doesn’t mean that you’re going public with the app. When submitting the app for reviewal, you can simply write that you don’t plan to make it public (at least not immediately) and instead would like to have it approved to test with other accounts.

Thanks David, Problem solved