Disable mail from Activites


When I add activities, I add attendees as well as to particular activities. In that case, all attendees get an email like an appointment with google calendar. I want to disable mail from Pipedrive when an activity happens. Is there any other way to disable that mail from the API call?


Hi @Budhitha_Perera
As far as I know, there isn’t a way to modify the notification settings through the API. Can you detail the scenario so that I can note it down as a feedback ?

Hi @hem

With our integration in Pipedrive when a user creates a contract through the app, Contract activities we posted on the particular Deal page. Also, our own platform also sends contract update emails to all participants. When we add activities to Pipedrive also send a separate email to all attendees in the activity. So the problem is our users get 2 emails for the same reason. That’s why I looking for an activities email disabling feature.

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Thanks for explaining the scenario! I have taken note of the same and will share with the concerned team.

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