Documentation updates for API Reference page - Nov 2021

Effective from: November 30, 2021

Here are the most recent updates to our API Reference page :

  1. We added the start and limit query parameters for the following 4 endpoints so you can control pagination better:
  1. We updated the subscription_url body parameter for the POST /v1/webhooks endpoint to reflect the removal of the Webhooks redirection support.

  2. Duplicate name and options body parameters were removed from the POST /v1/productFields endpoint.

  3. We documented the ids query parameter for the GET /v1/products endpoint. You can now specify an array of integers with the IDs of the Products that should be returned in the response.

  4. The response status code for the following endpoints has been updated from 200 “OK” to 201 “Created” to reflect reality:

  1. We updated the GET /v1/products/{id}/followers endpoint response schema so that the data property is a ProductFollower object. Previously, the data property was an array of user IDs.
    Here’s the code example of the improved response in JSON:
"success": true,
"data": [ … ]
   { … }
   "user_id": 123,
   "id": 456,
   "product_id": 789,
   "add_time": "2021-08-03 12:07:05"
"additional_data": { … }
   "pagination": { … }
     "start": 0,
     "limit": 100,
     "more_items_in_collection": false

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