DocuSign Integration with PipeDrive

Hi there, I hope you are well. I have a customer that wants to buy Pipedrive and integrate it with DocuSign. Customer mentioned that they want to generate invoices with Invoice number generation. Meaning that If you don’t enter an invoice number, when creating an invoice in Pipedrive, the system will automatically assign an invoice number starting with 1001. The next invoice number will be 1002 and so on. This information generated including the invoice number sequentially added would go into the template when Pipedrive calls back DocuSign. I found some information including QuickBooks and a Pipedrive integration: Pipedrive integration: Quickbooks - Knowledge Base | Pipedrive & Troubleshooting: Quickbooks integration - Knowledge Base | Pipedrive & Pipedrive integration: DocuSign - Knowledge Base | Pipedrive. Unfortunately I cannot find how to do it. Can you please advise if we can have it before suscribing to Pipedrive?

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Are you referring to this integration - Pipedrive Marketplace - Third Party Apps & Integrations ?

I would recommend reaching out to the app support contact as it is something that pertains to the app logic. I see that the invoice # field is explicitly obtained for now. But as I understand, you would like to see it auto-incremented?

Pipedrive integration: Quickbooks - Knowledge Base | Pipedrive.