Does Pipedrive support OAuth2 with client credentials flow?

I am trying to establish machine to machine communication between pipedrive REST API and my server.
I think client credentials oAuth2 flow would be best suited for this purpose, but I am having trouble finding documentation how to do this.
I managed to establish authorization code flow, but that is not what I need right now.
If anyone knows some information on this topic, please share, or maybe link to help me with my search

Hi @mihajlo.kolesar,

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Can I please clarify - when you say client credentials OAuth flow, do you mean using client_id and client_secret?

We have a section on OAuth authorization in our Developer Documentation. Is this what you are looking for? :slight_smile:

Hi @Nicole_Tan

Yes using client_id and client_secret to get the access token, but without any redirect url and user confirmation as described in OAuth authorization.


Hi @mihajlo.kolesar,

I had our developers check and unfortunately, Pipedrive only supports the Authorization Code flow at the moment. I will forward your query as feedback to the relevant team.

You can just get an API token from a user and just use that for server to Pipedrive API calls. Just bear in mind that all actions are linked to that API user as owner by default.