Does the API route to find person have changed?

Hey folks,

I am currently facing issues with the “/persons/find” route of the API. My goal is to get a user by using a specific email address as my search term.

For that, I’m using the following HTTP call :[API_TOKEN]&search_by_email=1&term=[EMAIL_ADDRESS]

However, the API returns a list of users that don’t match at all the email address I’m requesting.

On the other hand, I realized that I can actually get the right user if I remove “&search_by_email=1” from the HTTP call. Is it normal? It doesn’t look like the expected behavior, and I just wanted to check with you.

For your information, everything worked fine for the last 6 month. I just started to have issues this week, that’s why I’m suspecting a bug?


That’s strange.
If you send me the details in a private message I’ll ask our tech support to take a look.

Just for your information, you can also use /searchResults

@gabrielsebag this is indeed a mistake on our side.
We’ll fix it as soon as possible.

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Hey Dani,
Thanks for your support! I actually switched to the /searchResults route and it seems to work fine finally!

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