Duplicate created by changing persons Field of type "Person"

Hi everyone,

we are having a field for our Contacts with the type of persons and change this using the API.
In our App you can only choose names of contacts already existing in Pipedrive for this field because we have no use case creating new Contacts this way. But recently if we are using the “updating a Person” API call and are updating this field we are creating are duplicate of the chosen name.

Screenshot 2022-06-08 at 08.43.28
See here the field we are updating.

We did not have this issue before, so I think something changed in the API recently. Does someone else have this issue? is there a workaround to fill a persons field other than by the name of the contact?

Thanks in advance
Best, Jakob

Hey @jakob
Welcome to the community :wave: ! Sounds like an interesting challenge. If I understood you rightly, it seems like a new contact is being created every time an existing contact is updated?

If that’s the case, can you share some more details?

  • The field you are updating - is it a custom field of type people? (Custom fields)
  • Since when did you start noticing the change? Can you share logs before and after if you have?

thanks for the welcome, nice to meet you :slight_smile:
no, the problem was that every time we update the custom field of type person a new contact was created even if it already exists. But I found my mistake, we used the name of the contact to update the field but should have used an object with the id of the contact. { "id": contact_id }
but thanks for responding!

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