Duplicates are not being merged

Hello devs,
I found out some strange behavior when importing data from a CSV file.
The first thing I did was creating an organization manually (let’s say XYZ Ltd.).
I also already created a custom field for organizations called ORG-ID. I assigned my new organization the ORG-ID 12.
Now I wanted to add some organizations and used the import (CSV) function.
In my CSV file there are some other organizations including my manually added one XYZ Ltd (but with more data). In the CSV file there is also the column ORG-ID.
I assigned some of the fields and the custom fields (ORG-ID).
I chose the option to merge duplicates.
After the import was finished, I found out that the organization XYZ Ltd. is available twice. The one that I added manually with almost no data but the name, and the one that was added through my import.
Why is the data from the exact same company not being merged into one data set although the ORG-ID from the CSV file was assigned to the ORG-ID custom field in Pipedrive?
Which criteria are used to merge duplicates?


Hey Mustafa,

Organizations are seen as duplicates if their Name and Address match exactly, otherwise you can use Organization IDs to merge organizations together, but Custom Field IDs don’t make a difference as that custom field is connected to all organizations (you can’t make custom fields for only a specific person/org/deal): https://support.pipedrive.com/hc/en-us/articles/208048865#C2

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Hi David,

thanks for the fast reply.
Issue can be closed now.