E-Mail Masking like ebay

Hi Pipedrive Dev community,

I’m developing a custom application based on Pipedrive as CRM tool.
Our scenario / business:

We intermediate two customer groups:

  • Expert (will be Pipedrive user)
  • Customer

A customer signs up on our platform and is being created as person on our pipedrive.

From our custom application, the expert should see a masked e-mail of the customer instead of his original mail address. So if he clicks on his email address to send an email via outlook, it should be somethink like “mailto:customer-abc123@pipedrivemail.com” and the customer receives the email from sender “expert-xyz333@pipedrivemail.com

What we want to achieve is, that all email conversation goes through the deal so that we know the latest updates on topics.

If not possible with pipedrive, any suggestion which e-mail service provider has such functionality (basically like eBay with masked email adresses)


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