Email open & click tracking

How can i get open and click tracking latest notifications of emails sent by a user?

There’s nothing currently available via endpoints to get these results (and nothing in the roadmap).

Maybe you could explain your particular situation so we can get a better idea of how to implement and how it will be useful.

Has this functionality been added since the last reply?

Specifically, I would be interested in a binary result for whether an email was opened and whether a link was clicked for emails where email tracking has been enabled.

It would be very useful to me to run detailed analyses on what factors in an email (subject line, time sent, etc.) predict whether an email is opened or not.

Hello there Liam,

If you check the responses from GET/mailbox/mailThreads or GET/mailbox/mailMessages/{id} You’ll notice that you can get the following fields:

  "mail_tracking_status": "opened" or "not_opened",
  "mail_link_tracking_enabled_flag": 1 or 0

Unfortunately we don’t have a field that tells you how many times a link or the email itself has been opened. I have added this as feedback.