Email Open Tracking

Hi There,

We’re trying to identify our most interested prospects, and would like to be able to see email opens.

I currently see in the response “mail_tracking_status” , but it appears to be binary.

Is there a way we can identify the number of opens as well?


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There may be an endpoint that would work for this. I’m looking into it and will try to answer back next week.

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hey David -

thanks for looking into this. Did you find anything yet?
Even if we could get it from webhooks, we could make that work.


No complete answer for you yet. Trying to determine if a current endpoint will work or not and if so, will need to become public.

Dear David!

We would also need a solution for this, so I’m adding myself to the queue :slight_smile:

Best, Philip

Hey, any updates here? Would like to include email opens in an app.

Thank you

Sorry for the silence, but this should hopefully work for you:

For getting tracking data on any given message, you could use

event_type is required and it can be either message.opened or message.link_clicked