Emails sent/received by user

We want to create a dashboard in our BI tool showing how many emails a user has sent/received in a given period of time.

I have been integrating the emails from the endpoints mailThreads and mailThreadMessages but it seems that I am only getting the emails of the user that generated the API token.

Can the emails of all users be retrieved somehow or at least getting the same aggregated data that is shown in the insights section?


Hello Pedro, would the recents endpoint help? Pipedrive API v1 Reference

Have you looked at other endpoints outside of the mailthreads and mailtreadmessages ones?

I am not sure if a Pipedrive user should see emails (number of emails) sent by other users, I would say that if on the product side it’s possible then it should be possible on the API, can you check with our support if that’s possible?

@Pedro_Iatzky and @danielpicon

We are having the exat same issue, did any of you find a way to solve this issue ? I have not found any other API endpoints to solve this. However pipedrive counts the e-mails linked to a deal and linked to a organization, so there is internally something that generates that number.

So the question is how does pipedrive calculate that, and can we have acess to that?

What we would need would be time of sending, user who sent it (or e-mail) and Id of org/person/deal attached to it.

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@danielpicon do we have an anwser on that front?

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