Endpoint for creating a draft email


I believe there is currently a feature gap within pipedrive and its 2-way sync E-Mail. GMail drafts are not synced with pipedrive.

The use case being:

  • Need emails to be tracked (thus Smart BCC is not an option)
  • Creating customised drafts with personalised info (Currently creating drafts using Zapier is not possible)

The solution I currently use:

Use pipedrive to send emails manually for each lead, but cannot do any automation or use Zapier to setup GMail draft and send using GMail (but have to give up tracking)

The ideal solution:

Use zapier or API to be able to create pipedrive drafts. Since the email will be sent by selecting the draft in UI and send the mail, thus tracking will be enabled.


Allow GMail drafts to be synced with pipedrive.



You make a lot of good points here and I was even trying to think of certain workarounds that may be ideal (the draft aspect is the trouble).
Have you already tried using the templates aspect or does that not quite fit what you’re trying to do?

Otherwise, as for API endpoints on drafts, I agree this would be useful although I know it’s not in the current roadmap, but I’ll try to push on my end and we’ll see what we can do.

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hey @David,

Great to hear a dev response so quickly.

By the template aspect do you mean the creation of templates on pipedrive? I would say that templates do not fit the use case, because they cannot be personalised or “mail merged”.

The main use case is to be able to use something like Zapier to be able to personalise emails, thus creation of a Create draft API endpoint, would be ideal, because a zap could be used to include dynamic fields to create drafts in pipedrive. The same end result, could be achieved by syncing drafts with GMail to pipedrive, as Zapier is already capable of saving Drafts to GMail.

Thus I think an improvement to the Zapier integration you provide could open up a so many new possibilities with your product. If I was to simplify and say the single improvement, I think it came down to creation of drafts.

Yeah, I was referring to the inApp templates, but just as a suggestion - wasn’t sure if that would fit your usecase.

So, you’re completely right, creating that endpoint would probably be the only way to get that to work for your purposes with Zapier.
We’ll see what we can do, but no real timeline on it yet unfortunately.

I totally agree, this would be a great feature. I see many applications of the automation. Eg. generating contracts for individual clients, but you don’t want them send to the client automatically as the sales agent usually has to check them manually or adjusts the text of the email, but what is important is that a unique file or email would be attached to a deal (eg. draft contract which is always different for each customer with prepopulated date from eg. zapier).

Creating customised drafts with personalised info (Currently creating drafts using Zapier is not possible)

Hi folks.

Great conversation. I’d like to add one more vote for this. I often need to personalize the message before sending it and having a draft feature would be wonderful. Is there a way to make create a draft a part of the Workflow Automation tool set? (And if it’s there already my apologies for not looking hard enough!)

Happy to describe the use case in more detail for anyone who is interested.

Many thanks,

Hello David,

Has endpoint for sending emails and creating a draft for email already appeared?