Endpoint for products variations


Is there an ETA to the feature of manipulating products variations utilizing API? Or any work-around to manipulate them? I read a few posts asking the same question, but there weren’t any concrete answers regarding when this feature will be available.

We’ve been utiling an undocumented endpoint for our needs, but it seems that the endpoint is now offline, so I"m looking for alternatives as our Sales department relies on up to date product prices.

Thanks in advance

Hello @joaoHass , welcome to the community!

There is no endpoint for this right now, but a new version of Products endpoints is expected to be released at the end of Q1 (estimate). This new version will include the feature.

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Thank you for the response @Edmilson_Souza

That’s nice to know! Will there be any announcement regarding this new feature? So we can start planning ahead?

Thanks in advance.

Usually changes in the API are announced in the changelog, it’s possible to subscribe in the page to get notified about them.