Error fields search Deals

Hi, i have a problem with the API for Search Deals.
we have create some custom fields what have what search in the API.

I don’t know how send te parametrs fields, i always returns this messenge

Hey @Sergio_Maya
Welcome to the community :slight_smile: and thanks for sharing the required details!

  • Currently, you cannot search by a specific custom field with the deals/search endpoint. But you could just specify custom_fields as a part of the fields param and search across all custom fields that contain this value.

  • If you would like to make the search specific to a custom field, I would recommend using the itemsearch API :slight_smile: !

*Make sure you obtain the key of the custom field from the Deal Fields endpoint.

ItemSearch (Search by specific field) → Pipedrive API v1 Reference
Deal Fields → Pipedrive API v1 Reference