ERROR in API request conversion_statistics - POWER BI

Hi guys, how are you?

I’m trying conect API in Power BI, using request with api_token

Specifically I need to request the conversion rate of the funnel stages. i’m using the script https://{COMPANYDOMAIN}{id}/conversion_statistics and informing the id of my funnel.

But when I compile the request, the Power BI reports error 400 (bad request).

Could someone tell me what is missing in the request or where is the error? thanks

Hi @Victor_Cezar_Martins
Welcome to the community :wave:
Could you share more details on how you make these requests ? It would also help if you could share the error messages along with screenshots / video grab


Hi @Victor_Cezar_Martins
Thanks for being patient. Apparently, the URL seems to be missing the api path :thinking:

It should ideally be https://{COMPANYDOMAIN}

Can you try again with the right path ?